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Program Management Oversight Consultant

BOWMAN ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING, INC. serves as part of a "Project Management Oversight Consultant" (PMOC) team in support of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). 

The team provides FTA PMOC oversight on federally funded transit programs nationwide.  Bowman's services have included professional engineering, cost analysis and construction management expertise overseeing agency programs including Orlando Lynxx, Miami Dade Transit, Connecticut BRT, Sound Transit BRT, and RTD-Denver.

BEC staff provides continuous oversight, review and evaluation of designated grantees and their FTA processes to ensure compliance with statutory, administrative, and regulatory requirements. BEC currently works with the Office of Engineering, through the FTA Region 4 office, performing oversight of grantee project management that focuses on the management of major investments (New Starts, rail modernization, etc.) in transit projects. BEC oversight activities begin early in project implementation, through preliminary engineering.  BEC monitors the large caseload of projects, following guidelines established by FTA, thus serving to supplement the FTA technical staff to evaluate grantee project management and technical capacity and capability to successfully implement these major transit projects. BEC also monitors grantee projects to determine whether they are progressing on time, within budget, and in accordance with approved grantee plans and specifications. Additionally, BEC provides support activities such as design reviews, constructability reviews, change order reviews, and value engineering.